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Local. Mobile. Customers.

With AdLeads for Developers, you can run mobile signup ads from local businesses and top Fortune 500 brands. Signup ads enable people to sign up for ads from the brands they like without leaving your app. Now, you can provide a great user experience and make money doing it.

Earn high eCPMs

Make eCPMs 5-10X the industry average.

Great user experience

Enable people to sign up for ads within your app. The entire process is 100% opt-in and respectful of user privacy.

HTML 5 API and Native SDK

We're all about giving you choices. You can monetize your app using the AppLeads native SDK. Or if you prefer, you can use our HTML 5 API and serve signup ads without downloading an SDK.

Don't remove a thing

Have Apple iAds? Google AdMob? Some other ad solution? No worries. Signup ads work seamlessly along with your existing ad inventory.

Monetize your international user base

Does your app have a large international user base? With AppLeads, you can serve relevant ads in different languages and increase ad revenue.

100% Fill Rate

With thousands of local businesses and national brands running signup ads, you'll make money on every ad impression.

Keep apps free

Hundreds of app developers like Capigami and Most Popular Download are using the increased revenue from Pontiflex AppLeads to keep apps free for their end users. By keeping their apps free, they can increase the number of downloads of their app.

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